Kenwood is a top company in the Telecommunications Industry. Kenwood specialize in Audio Equipment, Appliances, Two-Way Radio’s and Cell Phones.

The general business activity and principal products or commercial enterprise of Kenwood are categorized as being part of the Telecommunications Industry.

Kenwood is a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advance the way the world connects.

Kenwood communication solutions allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile.

Kenwood TK-3000LF

Kenwood TK-2000 | TK-3000

Kenwood TK-D240 | TK-D340E

Kenwood TK-7302M | TK-8302M2

Kenwood TK-7360E | TK-8360E

Kenwood TK-D740E | TK-D840E